Excavator attached to dozer by cable for latest removal at Ivel slide
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IVEL – June 23, 2016 – Mud and rock have been removed from the top of the slide that closed two lanes of US 23 at Ivel. The process of moving debris farther down the hillside, closer to US 23, started this week.

Motorists were cautioned earlier in the week that brief traffic delays might be necessary if any of the loose material escapes the equipment buckets and makes its way down toward the roadway.

“The terrain is extremely steep,” said Engineer Darold Slone, who is supervising the project for Highway District 12. “The excavator is being lowered by a cable attached to a dozer. Material is brought up by the excavator to be loaded at the top of the hill and disposed of.”

Slone explained that this phase of work requires a great deal of skill and coordination among the contractor’s equipment operators. “The crew from Jigsaw has handled this project with a tremendous amount of professionalism, skill, and attention to safety,” he said. “This is tedious work that requires a great deal of precision under less than ideal circumstances. We ask that you keep the equipment operators and the safety spotters, the flaggers, and all the folks who are working on this project in your thoughts. And that you drive slowly and carefully through the work zone.”

If the weather cooperates, Slone said work may be completed in approximately three weeks.

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