Excavator cuts gas pipeline on Peger Road
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FAIRBANKS — A heavy equipment operator broke a natural gas line under Peger Road early Saturday morning, causing first responders to close the road for about an hour until the gas leak could be stopped. 

The Fairbanks Fire Department received a call at about 1:30 a.m. that an excavator had cut into a gas line near the state trooper headquarters, said Assistant Fire Chief Ernie Misewicz. Gas began leaking from the pipe, so the road was closed as a precaution. Natural gas is hazardous because, like propane, it’s flammable. Staff from Fairbanks Natural Gas responded and shut off the gas line.

The heavy equipment on Peger Road is part of a Alaska Department of Transportation resurfacing job that’s being done by contractor Great Northwest, Inc. The project is scheduled to finish in September. 

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